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What is Project Free TV (PFTV)?

Project Free TV (PFTV) was a known provider of video and streaming links of popular TV shows and movies back in the days before its take down. It was built with simple web scripts to give free entertainment from around the globe. Now the site was inspired by such movement and built to follow its footsetp with a slight twist. Instead of a team of people building the site, the new project free tv stream will be a collaboration of various entities from the around the globe. Links were contributed by lots of fans and provider from various countries. Videos are not hosted in the site so it does not require a lot of storage cost. Instead some video host deliver content as per submitted by their users. This is the new PFTV, this is not as same as the good old project free tv site but it can provide content a person need to watch each episode they missed on TV. And the most interesting and exciting part about this project, its free as long as there is enough audiences that patronize this site and watch series here.

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How was this built?

It's not actually a secret! :) But its like other web projects, it is built in a certain web framework so that content can be easily updated at all times. Navigation of the site was structured in a such a way that it will be easy for users to find their way inside each content. Search can be found in every page and optimized in such a way that it can be responsive at all times and does not waste the time of PFTV fans in looking for episodes and TV shows they want to watch. Safety and privacy is also considered in building this as the site's connection is using a secure protocol through SSL.

I want to contribute to ProjectFreeTV, what should I do?

There are a lot of things that you can do to contribute to the project. One, is turn off your ad blocker. The life blood of the site as like any other website out there is the online ads in the site. Its a minor move that will greatly help the site survive specially with this trying times. With this you will be helping the site to live longer and more content can be provided when its getting matured. You can also suggest information via our contact us page or leaving a comment on any page of the site. With this you can have a voice on what to expect from this free project. You can also spread the word about project free tv by sharing the site to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With this action, you can spread the word about the site and help it gain more audiences worldwide. Thank you in advance!

Again, THANK YOU everyone for your support for PROJECTFREETV.STREAM!

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